DOYO T18 Bluetooth Speaker

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DOYO T18 Bluetooth Speaker

T18 Bluetooth Speaker

1. Bluetooth surround-sound speaker, heavy bass
2. Buletooth hand- free phone receiver
3. Micro USB 5V charging
4. Support TF Card
5. Support AUX
6. Hands-free
7. FM digitial stereo radio
8. Built-in lithium battery, energy saving, practical

Q: Shuts down automatically after turn on the speaker.
A: Low battery, please charge, use it in 2 hours after charging finished
Q: The battery is not charging.
A: Please use the original charger to change
Q: The red light is so dark when charging.
A: That is normal, if the battery voltage is about 80%, the rechargeable light will be dimmed.
As the battery power is highter, the rechagreable lights will be dark
Q: Speaker is on sound.
A: Please confirm which model is. TF card/Bluetooth/AUX/FM. Please press ” ” to switch the mode you want.
Q: Bluetooth can not be connected automatically.
A: Please open phone’s Bluetooth firstly then turn on the speaker.
Q: AUX is not sound.
A: Please press ” ” to switch to AUX mode or check the audio eauipment,
Q: Bluetooth is no sound,
A: Please check whether the Bluetooth connection is successful or the volume of the Bluetooth device is on.

Package :
1 x Bluetooth Speaker
1 x USB Charging cable
1 x User Manual Book
1 x Anti-drop pearl bag

DOYO T18 Bluetooth Speaker

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